Goxel Voxel Editor
Goxel Voxel Editor Android App
Additional Information
Category : | Art And Design |
Current Version : 0.10.4
Developer : Noctua Software
Developer Email : [email protected]
Installs : 1,000+
Required Android Version : 4.1 and up
Reviews : 64
Score : ★ 3.9
Size : 3.0M
Updated : July 29, 2019
Available on : GooglePlay

Android Application Goxel Voxel Editor is available on GooglePlay Application Store ❤️. Goxel Voxel Editor app that has 1,000+ installed on smartphone in the world, with average rating 3.9 ★. To install Goxel Voxel Editor app version 0.10.4, you should have requirement minimum space and 4.1 and up Android Version. Goxel Voxel Editor App was created by Noctua Software. Mobile Developer in Art And Design Categories.

Content Rating of Goxel Voxel Editor App - Everyone, you should know that if Android Application is gonna be used by children. Warning, that software could have Ads and Paid Content, but we assure you that Goxel Voxel Editor com.noctuasoftware.goxel.apk is Safe for 100% and AdFree. If You Want To Download Goxel Voxel Editor for your device Android system, you should do easy instruction. You need go to the Settings menu & allow the permission needed. After that, you could calmly download files, and confidently install it on your smartphone ❤️.

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The description of Goxel Voxel Editor App

Goxel is a 3D editor for voxel art, that allows to easily create 3D models made of small cubic blocks (voxel = volumetric pixel).

Using voxel make it easy to quickly draw complex 3D scenes in an intuitive way.

This is based on the desktop version available for free.


- 24 bits RGB colors.
- Unlimited scene size.
- Unlimited undo buffer.
- Multiple layers support.
- Export to many common formats, including Magica Voxel, obj, and glTF.
- Marching Cube rendering.
- Procedural rendering.
- Physically based path tracing.
- Support for different material per layer.
- Transparent and emission materials.