Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast
Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast Android App
Additional Information
Category : | Education |
Current Version : 1.2
Developer : PlaySide Studios Ltd
Developer Email : [email protected]
Installs : 50,000+
Required Android Version : 5.0 and up
Reviews : 529
Score : ★ 4.4
Size : 89M
Updated : January 20, 2017
Available on : GooglePlay

Android Application Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast is available on GooglePlay Application Store ❤️. Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast app that has 50,000+ installed on smartphone in the world, with average rating 4.4 ★. To install Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast app version 1.2, you should have requirement minimum space and 5.0 and up Android Version. Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast App was created by PlaySide Studios Ltd. Mobile Developer in Education Categories.

Content Rating of Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast App - Everyone, you should know that if Android Application is gonna be used by children. Warning, that software could have Ads and Paid Content, but we assure you that Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast au.com.metro.dwjr.boffos.apk is Safe for 100% and AdFree. If You Want To Download Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast for your device Android system, you should do easy instruction. You need go to the Settings menu & allow the permission needed. After that, you could calmly download files, and confidently install it on your smartphone ❤️.

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The description of Dumb Ways Jr Boffo'S Breakfast App

Before the Dumb Ways characters grew up, they were already making mischief in all sorts of places – planes, trains, and here in the kitchen!

Boffo’s hungry, and you’re his chef! Make him an awesome cooked breakfast. Chop and grate ingredients, add sloppy items such as eggs and milk, stir the mix, cook it, add seasonings, and serve your meal to Boffo. Be ready for his reaction! Keep experimenting – how many different creations can you make for Boffo?

This app engages young children in fun, imaginative play. Your child is sure to return time after time to create endless food mash-ups for their hungry new friend.

• A fun, quirky character to cook for and interact with
• Choose from more than 20 different food items
• Experiment with a range of kitchen tools
• Explore stages of food preparation in a free-play approach
• Enjoy surprise reactions, including humorous animations and sound effects
• Use a variety of touch actions, such as tap, swipe, mix, and up-and-down strokes
• No rules or time limits – create your own fun meals
• Unlimited food combinations to support hours of repeat play
• Ideal for 3-7 year olds
• No ads or in-app purchases
• Play without a wifi or internet connection